Does your group need a guest speaker? Will a fascinating history story fit the bill? Then call Dan Buchanan at 613-439-8992 or drop an email to

My enthusiasm for history comes across easily and audiences love the way I weave history details with human interest to make a cracker story.

The stories I tell are based on historical research and lots of original documents. My experience with genealogy helps give a people-centric approach to explaining the context of events and the reasons people had for their actions and decisions.

Many groups have invited me to be their guest speaker including numerous Probus Clubs, Genealogical and Historyical Societies and others, such as the Women's Institute.

I am available to speak at any time and place. Living in Brighton gives me easy access to locations along the 401 and I am happy to drive almost any distance if I have the chance to get up and tell a history story.

Emergency calls are welcome! If I do not have other events booked, I can be there quickly and be ready to tell a history story.
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Codrington Women's Institute Feb 12 2014
Dance Hall Daze
Feb 19 2015
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