Since 2000 I have been building a database of interconnected family trees focussed around the Brighton area but following the family connections back more than 200 years before U.E.L.'s came to the area and up into more recent times.

The information on is made available to support other researchers whose trees include someone who lived in the Brighton area sometime in the last 200 years.

Currently there are close to 100,000 person records in the full database and over 70,000 are published to the web every few months. Only records for deceased individuals are published.

If you find information that is useful to you, please feel free to copy it and, if you use it in your own publications, be kind enough to provide this site with attribution.

Another function of the information in is to document local history, especially in the immediate Brighton Village and Brighton Township areas. Every project we do means more research in certain topic areas and that results in more details entered along with the basic family tree info for the people who were involved.

YOU can get involved too! If you find an individual or family in the data and you can add more details or correct something, please send me an email with the information. I am always looking to increase and improve the information in
Hilton Hall
This is a partial page of the 1851 Census for Brighton Township. The bottom part shows the King family who settled on the farm at Codrington in 1844. You will notice the oldest child under George and Henietta King is William, who less than a decade later would scandalize the community and devastate his family by murdering his wife and being hanged for his crime. He was buried at the corner of my house.

That's a whole other story........
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