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Race Against Time: Toronto to Montreal in 1840
My second book will be released in the spring or summer of 2018. I am currently working with FriesenPress of Vancouver on the editting process and am excited about making this story available to the public.
"Race Against Time: Toronto to Montreal in 1840" tells the story of an amazing trip that happened in February of 1840 when William Weller, well known as The Stage Coach King by that time, drove the Governor General of the time from Toronto to Montreal in under 36 hours. It was a land speed record!
But even more important is why the Govenor General was in such a big hurry. This was a grueling and dangerous trip undertaken by the most powerful man in the colonies - the British government's representative! What was going on that he needed to get to Montreal so fast? He knew the risks and the costs! Why?
The answer to this question and also how William Weller managed to successfully fulfil the terms of the contract they drew up is outlined in detail and in the context of an exciting narrative presentation. The reader sits on the bench with the driver as the sleigh speeds along the Kingston Road and the King's Highway all the way to Montreal, stopping every 15 miles to change horses.
William Weller of Cobourg, The Stage Coach King
Portrait by Paul Kane, c. 1835
Over next few months a presentation will be developed for Race Against Time and it will become a new topic for my Guest Speaker activities. Stay tuned!