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The Breakaway
On a rainy, cold night in 1852, a small lake north west of Hilton broke through its gravel banks and cascaded down a narrow, steep valley, It destroyed a saw mill and killed two men, then damaged a second mill before crashing through to the Trent River. Learn about these dramatic events from the point of view of the people who lived there at the time and see how the disaster led to dramatic improvements that shaped Brighton Township for many years to come.
The Old Percy Road
Number 30 Highway is smooth and fast today but this road was built as a result of the disaster of The Breakaway in 1852. Learn about the old road that existed before the Brighton and Seymour Gravel Road was built in the 1850s. Some of the earliest settlers in this area cleared land along the route of the Old Percy Road from Brighton to Norham. Find out how that old road helped to open up the area for settlement and provided transportation for people and produce for the very early timbering community at the south end of Percy Township.
First Settlers of Brighton
Obediah Simpson is said to be the first settler of Brighton in 1796 and when he came to this area there were other early settlers within a ten mile radius who were getting established as well. Learn about the first mills built at Brighton by Alexander Chisholm, the first ship captains that settled at Presqu'ile, the Keeler Group at Colborne, Asa Weller and his bateau railway at Carrying Place, the Bleekers at Trent Port and the Dingman families at the south end of Percy.
The Birth of Brighton Township
Brighton Township had a very unusual beginning. Cramahe and Murray Townships were surveyed in the 1790s and Brighton Township was created in 1852 out of parts of these two. Why did this happen? How did it happen? When did it happen? Learn all about the conditions at the time and the people who were involved.
The Latimer Photos
The Codrington Public Library is host to a unique and amazing collection of over 700 photos of local folks who happened to stop at Latimer's General Store in Hilton during the late 1920s and early 1930s. These photos have been combined with family tree and local history information to present a snapshot in time for the area. Meet the folks who drove up and down The Gravel Road, see the old cars and clothes and some of the characters of the community.
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