BIO - Dan Buchanan
Local Boy Turned History Guy
Dan Buchanan lives in Brighton and is known around Northumberland County as “The History Guy”. Since 2000 Dan has done massive genealogy research and provides the details on his web site at for all to see and use. He has a database of well over 90,000 individuals radiating out from his own families which settled in the north end of Brighton Township. Emphasis is on documenting family connections between early settler families rather than finding relatives. There is also a lot of detail about local history along with the regular family tree information. He calls it “Community Genealogy” which represents a unique blend of family and local history.

By trade, Dan has had a career in technical support, most recently as IT consultant for a law firm in downtown Toronto. From 2010 to March 2016, Dan supported the law firm remotely from his basement in Brighton and has just recently retired from IT consulting in order to dedicate his time and energy to history activities.

In July 2015 Dan published his first book, “Murder In The Family: The Dr. King Story”, and conducted an extensive book tour telling the story of his relative’s despicable behaviour in becoming the only person ever executed in Northumberland County. The book has been a success with good reviews and excellent sales and Dan is anxious to pursue the role of author with a second book which is now in the works.

Dan has been involved in many community activities around Brighton including the Brighton Public Library Board. In 2014 he won a Brighton Civic Award for his genealogy work. He is also Chair of “Friends of Hilton Hall Heritage Centre”. Hilton Hall is one of Brighton’s most important heritage sites and Dan, along with some other like-minded volunteers, has turned this beautiful 1860s stone meeting hall into a vibrant and much appreciated community activity centre. The Hall’s third year of programming has recently begun.

Since February 2013, Brighton has enjoyed a large annual history event which is called the Brighton History Open House (HOH). This event brings volunteers together to focus on a theme in local history while creating a 2-hour show with music, “pop-up speakers” and of course, “The History Guy” with his PowerPoint presentation. HOH 2017 is already in the planning stages.

In his role as a local history consultant, Dan has been involved in the Presqu’ile Point Lighthouse Preservation Society which plans to restore the iconic lighthouse at Presqu’ile. He has also supported The H.M.S, Speedy Foundation in order to preserve this important history story.

In recent years Dan has developed a career in public speaking and is available to act as guest speaker at meetings and events where a fun and informative history story is just the right fare.

Feel free to contact Dan Buchanan at email and phone 613-439-8992.
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