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During Ontario Heritage Week in late February, Brighton Community Centre hosts the Brighton History Open House (HOH). The HOH being planned for February 18 and 19, 2017 will be our fifth annual event.

HOH is held under the auspices of the Brighton Heritage Advisory Committee (BHAC) which is a committee of Brighton Municipal Council. Due to strong support from the Municipality, HOH is able to provide free booth space and free admission to visitors.

Over the last five years, our February history event has grown in scope and complexity and has become a very popular event that people in the community look forward to. We get the question now "What are you guys doing for the next history week?" It has created quite a buzz in the community and we hope to contine to keep the level of energy up there for everyone.

Of course, these events are created and produced entirely by volunteers. But, what a group of volunteers! We have extremely talented musicians that give our presentations vitality and flare. We have career media folks who love to bring new and interesting events to the community and offer a variety of skills from jobs long gone. The mix is dynamic and often surprising - you really never know what you are going to see next.

Come join us for our next History Open House event in February of 2017. I can't tell you yet what the theme will be but ... think Canada 150 ... and you might not go too far wrong. The question is how ... that's the trick.

If you have any questions or wish to participate in our next HOH, please call me at 613-439-8992 or drop me an email at danbuchanan@cogeco.ca.
What is History Open House?
Dance Hall Daze, HOH 2015: MC Fletch (right) and speaker Dan Buchanan (left), with great crowd.
Dance Hall Daze, HOH 2015: Volunteers, collaboration - and lots of fun! Along with some history.
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